Sunday, December 13, 2009

Well here it is...

Tomorrow is my last day of my undergraduate career. My book worked. Only it moved from being about nothingness to the ideas of absence and presence and how you can play with imagery using white on white or black on black to show this supposed absence. I am really quite pleased with it. Here's a few pictures I took...

So tomorrow I finish up with my Lithography class and then for whatever reason I have to go to Modern Architecture at 6 EVEN though we already took our test.

The big question everyone keeps asking me:
"So what are you going to do now?"

Well let me just assure/reassure you, I will continue to make things. I am still working for the mosaic artist I have been working for since April, I just started a new job at a stationary store, AND she wants to carry some of my stuff that I make. Also my friend Chuck Howard and I are starting up a small screen printing company!! We have the means to get the equipment from a couple of friends, so we are.

Also I am applying for the Dean's Council Residency. I hope I get it. That will let me go back into the school to use the facilities! That would be sweet.

Anyway, I'm graduating. Eventually, there will be Grad School. But for now, I need to make some money!