Monday, September 14, 2009

Here's what I'm thinking....

We all have a voice. Whether our voice is expressed in the written word, song, art, dance, or some form of speech, we all have a chance to say something.

So who is listening? Who is looking at how you express yourself? What does it really mean to them? Is it possible when for instance, since I create visual images, that when someone looks at a work of art that I have created that they see the same things in it that I see? Is it possible that they know exactly what I mean and the passion with which I express these things?

It's not likely.

I've really been giving this some thought lately. I know that when we perceive art we do it in such a way (generally) that we relate the images of what we see to the things that we are familiar with. We may resonate on the ideas of the artist, catching glimpses into their meaning, but still unless it is spelled out for us, we can really only guess at the true meaning behind these peoples thoughts, feelings, and ideas.

So what my art really means to me is probably really different from what it means to you.

So why do I make art? Is what I often find myself asking myself. If the meaning and intention that I have created means little to nothing to people outside of my own person then what is the point?

I don't know. I'm looking into that.

But still I am driven to express myself in such ways as to try to make others better understand me, relate to me, take issue with me, or just flat out deny that what I have to say is valid. Here's where it gets tricky in my head. Is it valid? Do my opinions matter? I'm not sure. Do yours?

So, I think as a result this idea of making art about nothing has really struck me. It fulfills this idea in my head that nothing I have to say is of consequence to anyone but myself, so even if you don't understand what it is I am trying to say here, because it is likely that I am talking circles around myself, then it's likely that you won't understand what I am saying with my art about nothing. All these likelihoods have the potential to add up to be SOMETHING, but its still probably NOTHING.

Here's the point....

Even when you are talking about nothing, whether that nothing is the inadequacy of your opinions meaning nothing to anyone else, or just plain old nothing, once you began to think about nothing, whatever that nothing is, you give it characteristics, and then nothing has suddenly become something. Because nothing will always be something to the person that the nothing belongs to.