Monday, March 8, 2010

Bags and Scarves and more!

I'm starting up some new ideas. First of which are bags that I am making. I am starting a line of purses, messenger bags, and re-usable grocery bags. So far I've gotten a few of the purses made.

They are made from fused plastic bags, then I do hand stitching for the detail, and big buttons. They also have pockets inside to keep your small things. They hold up really well, and since these plastic bags are getting put to a different use besides being thrown away, it's a great way to recycle and be green. So if you have some awesome bags that you want to save up and get a bag made with, DO IT! Just let me know!

Next thing is store is some cute little scarves that look like worms....

The two shown here are with a wool/acrylic blend, but I just went and bought some new colors the other day....

And all of these are light weight yarns, (obviously in bright colors), either made from straight cotton or some kind of synthetic cotton blend. For the spring time I am going to "accessorize" the worms with flowers, and maybe even some mythical creature things, like dragon scales or something fun.

Finally, with the help of my friend Matthew Crawford Trisler I am working on getting a pseudo website up and running until another friend of mine finishes designing my graphics and what not for the real one. Either way it will be, so keep a look out.


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